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A special (not in a retarded way) & NEW episode of the Davey Mac show (in a retarded way) is NOW available!

  Come on, daddy-peach!!  Grab this week's Davey Mac Sports Program (online) like the slippery dick it is and try to hold on to it for seven minutes!!!  Go ahead!!  I bet you can't do it!!!  Oooh!!  Ooohh, you got a hold of that dick (meaning SHOW), didn't you?!  Well, good for you, pal, your a loyal dickener (meaning listener)!!!  Grab the dick (SHOW) from and/or iTunes!!  It's for free!!!  It's fun!!!  And it's throbbing real hard (meaning dick, NOT the show)!!!  Dave, Pepper, Sean O, and Roy Shaffer tackle the Replacement Refs controversy, we perform one of the greatest songs ever written, we kill two janitors, and MUCH more fun!!  Go to and/or iTunes for the hijinks!!!  Peace!!!