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The Dave Man and his Loyal Mother-Fuckers are LIVE tonight on Ustream at 7 PM Eastern on Ustream!! And YOU are invited!!

  Shit yes, baby-grapes!!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program is gonna bring the saliva and spittle HARD tonight at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific on Ustream and/or!!!  Davey Mac will be in the house!  David is a well-known pornography addict and dreams of one day killing someone on an island.  Chris "Pepper" Stanley shall be there!  Pepper likes to snort things and often hides objects under his couch.  Sean O will make an appearance!  Sean enjoys para-sailing while intoxicated and once threatened a monk.  And Roy Shaffer is gonna rock it!  Roy is a gifted keyboard player and once called Haley Joel Osment a "little cunt."  So bring your ass to Ustream and/or at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific, for a show so great that "eight horses have died since the beginning of this paragraph!!!" *

* Fake Facts Bureau