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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Sept. 26)

  What the Hell is going on?!?!

a.) YOU tell me, Dave Man!!!  I found a pair of slippers with the initials D.M. in my wife's car!!!  And they were filled with jizz!!!! (27%)

b.) I don't know what's going on!!!!  Someone hit me over the head and now I think I'm Alex from Taxi!!!!  Latka, put that down!!!  Louie, you're a real jerk!!!  Elaine, shut the fuck up!!!!  HELP!!!!!!!! (24%)

c.) Ahhhhhh!!!!  There's things crawling all over my ass!!!  Ahhhh!!!  I think it's my uncle's fingers again!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!! (23%)

d.) We gotta get outta here!!!  I just panicked and put my pet parrot in the microwave!!!  Specifically on DEFROST for 1:30!!!  Then I put him on HIGH for 2:00!!!  Then I made a nice little salsa dish and dipped him in it while I watched a My So-Called Life marathon on MTV2!!!   It's Armageddon I tells ya!!! (26%)