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Poll-verizing! (Dave poll of the Day- Sept. 21)

  I'm going to see Bruce tonight at Giants Stadium!!  (Yeah, I's MetLife Stadium...well not to ME it ain't!!)  Anyway, how awesome is this gonna be?!?!

a.) It's gonna be more awesome than taking some barbed-wire and wrapping it around your dick while you fuck a cactus and get paddled by a board that has rusty nails on it, Davey Mac!!  Signed, Al Roker (25%)

b.) I don't like rock concerts, David.  I went to a Megadeth show once with my grandmother and her head exploded from the noise.  And then Dave Mustaine picked up her brain matter and ate it.  Not cool, Dave. (24%)

c.) I LOVE Bruce Springsteen!!  I once tried to kidnap him!!  Hahahaha!!  I'm not joking!!  Hahaha!!  I don't know why I'm laughing!!!  Hahahaha!!  It's true!!  Hahaha!!  I served nine years in prison for it!!  Hahahaha!!  It's really not that funny!!!  Hahaha!! (26%)

d.) I prefer looking up at the stars and wishing that one day I'm made entirely out of ketchup. (25%)