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A new episode of the Davey Mac show online is available!! Let's fuck it 'till it hurts!!!!

  This week's Davey Mac Sports Program (online version) is now up and ready to get fucked by YOU, and then have your children, and then tell you that you suck at being a parent, and then say that it wants another baby, and so you two fuck again and---

---what the shit am I talking about??  I have to stop smoking pot before 9:00 AM!!!

ANYWAY, download (for free) the Davey Mac Sports Program on and/or iTunes!!  We discuss Sleep-Gate and Mike Francesa and play some Francesa prank calls, Thursday Night Football, Dave's topsy-turvy life, Roy Shaffer's return from God-Knows-Where, and much, much more!!!!  It's a fucking fun one!!  So get that shit and enjoy!!  Go to and/or iTunes and fuck it hard!!!!