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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Sept. 14)

  What do you think of the whole Libyan situation?

a.) I think they riot like pussies!!!  If we could send our 1992 L.A. rioters over to Libya, we'd clean up that shit-hole in seconds!!! (24%)

b.) The only "Libyan situation" I know of is one that deals with Marty, Doc Brown, and a shitload of plutonium, Davey Mac. (26%)

c.) I don't even know where Libya is!!  But that's only because I'm half-retarded and often call my fingers my "hand-dicks." (26%)

d.) I don't think at all, David.  I'm currently dead.  But thanks for asking, asshole.  Signed, Kurt Cobain (24%)