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This week's online Davey Mac show is ready to be listen to and fucked on!!!

  DAMN STRAIGHT!!  A new episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW up on and/or iTunes and it fucking hits the ass HARD!!!  We cover New York sports talk host Mike Francesa falling asleep on the air!!!  We discuss the fact that Sean Connery is a Scottish weirdo!!  We unfortunately talk about Brett Favre's pubic hair!!  And much, much MORE!!  Join "East Side" Dave McDonald, Chris "Pepper" Stanley, and Sean O for a historic show where we discuss why the hell our keyboardist and Davey Mac band-leader Roy Shaffer didn't show up this week and why we're gonna cut off his testicles for punishment!!  It's a good one!!  Download the show (for FREE) and subscribe on on and/or iTunes for the shit!!!  Peace!!!