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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Sept. 13)


Are you superstitious about the number 13?

a.) Fuck yeah, Dave Man!!!  Once on the thirteenth of October I accidentally chopped off my friend's dick.  OK, fine, it was on purpose.  And, yes, it was my dick.  And, sure, I did it in front of two Russians who swore that they would pay me in bologna sandwiches for the rest of my life if I chopped my dick off.  And, of course, I never got those sandwiches.  Fuck YOU, you Commie bastards!!! (25%)

b.) I am afraid of ALL numbers, David, not just 13!!  I'm afraid of 8, and 112, and even 56!!  I'm also afraid of:  lemons, monkey hair, ear lobes, asses, and water. (24%)

c.) Yeah, I don't like the fucking number 13!!!  That should be fucking obvious, nitwit!!!  Dammit, you should know that, you fucking non-astronaut piece of shit!!!!  Signed, Jim Lovell (25%)

d.) I have no fears.  I once bit the face off a homeless man.  Signed, Bath Salts Billy (26%)