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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Sept. 12)

  Are we gonna have a GREAT day today or what!!!

a.) We sure ARE, Dave!  I've just shaved my dick and am preparing to let it be bitten by a rattle snake!!  Yeeeehhaaww!!! (24%)

b.) I'm gonna have the BEST day ever, Dave Man!!  I've gotten all the chloroform and blindfolds and hard candy ready!!!  Now it's off to the nursing home I go!!! (26%)

c.) I don't think I'll be having a good day, David.  My lips fell off again.  I really need to stop making out with lepers. (23%)

d.) Today is gonna ROCK, Diddy Mac!!!  I'm heading to the Reverse Michael Vick Compound where dogs force football players to fight to the death!!  I got 100 bucks on Ray Lewis!!! (27%)