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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Sept. 5)

  With all these shootings going on, should we ban guns?

a.) Fuck no!!  It's my right as an American to own guns and shoot the shit out of 'em and be all fat and high on Meth and jerking off to animal porn while I'm driving my truck down a dirt road at midnight on my way to blowing up an immigrant's house with fucking dynamite!!!  U-S-A!!  U-S-A!! (23%)

b.) Yes, we should ban guns.  And then we should replace them with squirting flowers.  Signed, Kenny The Clown of Kenny The Clown's Squirting Flowers And Other Mildly Humorous Goods Depot (27%)

c.) I don't know what we should do about guns.  I'm always flip-flopping on issues.  One day I'm like, "Hey, I'm anti-gun!"  And the next day I'm like, "Hey, I think I'm gonna shoot Dustin Diamond in the dick-hole!"  Who knows... (25%)

d.) OK, ok, who just shot me in the dick-hole? -Dustin Diamond (25%)