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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 30)

  What is your favorite hang-over remedy?

a.) Hair of the dog, David.  Take a shot of whatever you were drinking last night...followed by a cigarette...followed by some pot...followed by a a few mushrooms...followed by some acid...followed by coke...followed by crank...followed by killing a live chicken by ripping off its head and pouring the blood over your face...followed by going into a 7-11 on steroids and beating up the Slurpee machine...followed by killing a village of poor people.  That always works for me. (26%)

b.) Why is "Option A" in these polls always a deranged, fucking lunatic?! (25%)

c.) For hang-overs I like to lie down in my bed and jerk off thirty-three times to animal porn. (24%)

d.) I always take two aspirin and punch a midget in the mouth. (25%)