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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 28)

  Are you ready to ROCK today?

a.) No I am not, David.  My pet monkey Theodore has bitten me in the dick (again) and I'm quite distracted, if you must know... (25%)

b.) Fuck yeah, Davey Mac!!!  I've been starving my midget-cannibal-slaves all week and am ready to let them out of their cages!!  Let's fuckin' eat!!! (26%)

c.) I never rock, Dave.  But I do enjoy parasailing while shitting. (24%)

d.) I AM ready to rock, Diddy Mac!!!  I just need to take a quick shower and clean this blood, jizz, mucous, vomit, poo, and animal brains off of me first!!  Yaaaaay!! (25%)