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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 27)

  Do you have a case of the Monday's today?  'Cause I sure as shit do!!!

a.) No...but I do have a case of the farties, David!!  Smell that?  It's like I ate the dead body of Gary Coleman dipped in garlic!!!  Ewwwwww!!!! (24%)

b.) I have the Monday's, too, Dave Man!!  This always happens when I've been spending all weekend burying my wife and all her belongings in my backyard!!! (25%)

c.) I have a great way to get over the Monday's, Davey!  Go to the nearest zoo all fucked-up on Meth with a shotgun and go hunting until your heart's content!!  I recommend the Monkey Cage!!  Don't feel bad, those little fuckers have been known to fling poo!!!  Yeeeeehhhaaawww!!!! (25%)

d.) Having the Monday's is still better than having a case of the Sunday's, Dave...which is where God punches you in the face for being an asshole while you are riding your bicycle. (26%)