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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 23)

  What are you doing tomorrow for Fun Friday?

a.) I'll probably just stay home and play the Nintendo Wii with my dog.  He loves the game Wii Going For A Walk.  Afterwards, we'll drink some wine and give each other massages. (26%)

b.) I'm gonna go out to my favorite local watering hole...which is just a well in my backyard...where I will continue searching for Baby Jessica!!  I just love watering holes!!! (24%)

c.) My calendar is clear this Friday...and every Friday after that, really...ever since I went to a party at my friend's place last week in too much of an inebriated state and told everyone that they had "dumb haircuts" before punching myself in the face twenty times before putting rat poison in all of the food before shooting my friend's TV before burning said friend's house down.  I probably shouldn't drink. (25%)

d.) I'm gonna jerk off like there's no tomorrow! (25%)