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The Davey Mac Sports Program & The Watchers Proudly Present- "Drunken Given Sunday"- a special radio and motion picture event!

  That's right, Dave Pound!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program and The Watchers are going to kick off this year's NFL Season NOT by doing a generic preview show, NOR by having shitty modern country stars play in the parking lot of some corporate-named football stadium...NO!!!!  We instead shall salute the return of football by having beers and watching "Any Given Sunday" and commenting on it in a simulcast that we will broadcast LIVE on Ustream and/or!!!  And we want YOU to hang out with us!!!!  Here are the glorious details!!!

What:     DRUNKEN GIVEN SUNDAY- a liquored up toast to football.

Who:      Davey Mac, Pepper, Roy Shaffer, Sean O...maybe some surprise guests!

When:    FRIDAY, August 31st (around 6:30 PM Eastern, 3:30 Pacific...but the EXACT time will be announced as we get closer to the make sure you're checking or or THIS SITE for updates!!!)

Where:  LIVE on Ustream and/or!!!

So join us!!  Tell your homies!!  And meet us online for DRUNKEN GIVEN SUNDAY, presented by our two shows- The Davey Mac Sports Program and The Watchers!!!  See you then!!