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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 20)

  It's gonna rain again today in New Jersey!!!  What the "H"-"E"-double-hockey-sticks is going on?!?!

a.) Just as long it doesn't shit, I'm happy!!!  I just hate it when the sky shits on me!!! (23%)

b.) Rain is good for the earth.  It makes the flowers grow...which is good for me...because I like fucking fully-grown flowers.  Ooooooh yeaaahhh! (24%)

c.) Rain doesn't bother me.  I'm an umbrella salesman, so I'm always covered.  I also sell Meth.  You want some?  And I sell automatic weapons that I stole from my dad's house- you want any??  I also sell midget sex-slaves- you want 'em?!  And I sell miniature robotic dildo's that spray mace- you want one?!?!?!  I sell's it ALL, daddy!!! (26%)

d.) John Lennon said, "When it rains or's just a state of mind"...which I think is a metaphor for fucking having butt sex with an invalid. (27%)