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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 17)

  Yesterday was NOT a good day...

a.) What happened, Dave Man, did you accidentally microwave your shit again?!?!  Hahahaha!!  Oh, I slays me!!!! (22%)

b.) It was a bad day for me as well, David.  I was making a popsicle-stick cabin and somehow I chopped off eight of my fingers.  Maybe I should stop taking PCP. (25%)

c.) Well, my day was GREAT, Davey Mac!!  I fought off a bear attack!!  ...At least...I thought it was a bear.  It turns out that it was just the Cubs mascot.  Maybe I should stop drinking pesticides at Wrigley Field. (28%)

d.) Good day...bad's all the same when your dick smells like Cheetos, Diddy. (25%)