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This week's Davey Mac Sports Program (online version ) is now up!! Touch it!! Hold it!! Yeaaahhhh!!

  You know you want to, Daddy!!!  You know you want to fondle the shit out of the Davey Mac Sports Program!!  Then go right ahead!!  Head to and/or iTunes for the shit!!  SUBSCRIBE (for free) to the show, DONWLOAD it (for free, too), and LISTEN (for fucking free already)!!!!  On this week's episode- Ochocinco fucks shit up; Dave confesses naughty things; Pepper does accents; Sean O gets liquored up and has train problems; Roy Shaffer remains suspended for two weeks; the boys bomb not one but TWO buildings; and shit goes down!!!  So go to and/or iTunes for the most "kick-ass show of all time!!" - person on Twitter