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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 10)

  It's been a long week with work, illness, and other shit!!!  I am fucking PSYCHED that it's Friday!!  What should I do?

a.) I should go to the Booze Cruise with the Pietasters TONIGHT in New York City at 7 PM! (26%)

b.) I should take my temperature anally with a Twizzler and then offer said Twizzler to my boss as "nice gesture."  He'll fall for it!!!  Oh yes he will!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!! (24%)

c.) Maybe I should staple of pair of home-made wings to my dog and claim that I've discovered "Chim-Chim, the one-and-only Pomeranian-Duck." (25%)

d.) Whatever I do...I should NOT accidentally shit on my uncle's grave again when I'm drunk at the cemetery! (25%)