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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 8)

  I can't wait until Fall is here...I'm really starting to get sick of this God-Damned heat!!!

a.) David, that's because your half-red-head, half-martian, you pasty-skinned freak!!!  Go get a tan and stick a carrot up your ass!!! (24%)

b.) I don't like this time of year either, Dave, ever since the August of 1987 when I discovered that my father liked to jerk off horses in warm weather. (25%)

c.) It's all the same to me, Davey Mac!  Summer, Fall, icicles, cheese, cardboard, maggots,'s all the same to me- Harvey, The Man Who Can't Tell Anything Apart...coming soon from Marvel Movies. (26%)

d.) I disagree, Dave Man.  I love the Summer.  I barbecue hot dogs, and hamburgers, and little Swedish's great! (25%)