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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- August 3)

  I'm going to get a nice beard trim and possibly a haircut today, even though I haven't showered in quite some time and the Supercuts that I go to only has chicks working there.  Discuss.

a.) That's not what you should be worried about, David.  The fact that you somehow have some dried semen stuck to your hair is what you should be fucking worried about!!! (25%)

b.) I would be quite embarrassed at your smell, Dave Man.  It's an aroma of old Chapstick, horse piss, bloody Play-Doh, and farts from a Wookie.  Not good, Dave Man...not good. (25%)

c.) Ah, fuck it, Davey Mac.  I hate taking showers, too!!  Just like you!!  We also have in common the fact that we both stalk Matt Lauer!!!  Shit, gotta go, Matt's on the move!!!! (24%)

d.) I don't want to discuss this.  I'm too emotional after seeing this beautiful film recently...Major League 3: Back To The Minors. (26%)