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Davey Mac- chucking it LIVE on at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific! Let's chuck!!!

  Heck yeah!  Fuck yeah!  Yeah yeah!  WATCH the Davey Mac Sports Program rock the shit LIVE on and/or Ustream this evening at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific!!!  Join David, Pepper, Sean O, and Roy Shaffer for a piss party that gonna's rival any of the great piss festivals such as Pisscock or Lollajizzpissa!!!  We're gonna let off more steam than all six of the Fart Brothers combined!!!    And an hour or so following the video broadcast, the show is available for a free download on iTunes and!!  Subscribe to the show and enjoy the holy fuck out of it the way a small animal likes to burrow in the dirt like a little idiot!!!  For all the links- click on those damned under-lined words or go to the Davey Mac Sports Page!!  See ya later!!!  Owwwww!!!!!!