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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- July 31)


How are you liking the Olympics so far?

a.) I'm loving them almost as much as I love letting a puppy bite me on the dick...which is A LOT!!! (25%)

b.) I didn't even know the Olympics had begun!!  I've been watching a marathon of The Real House-Whores & Slut-bags of Little Rock on the Cum-ball channel!! (26%)

c.) I'm watching equestrian right now.  I was thinking that it would be cooler if the horse's head suddenly blew up as he was going for a jump.  Hahahaha!!!  Gotta go back to my murder trial now...see ya! (25%)

d.) I've enjoyed the swimming races.  Except, I didn't like that part where Billy Zane was in the pool and started shooting at people.  I thought that was know what?  I'm sorry, I've been watching Titanic, not the Olympics.  Sorry.  Harmless mistake. (24%)