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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- July 30)

  I have a severely bad head-ache.  Help me.

a.) Here's my remedy, David.  You take four Advil gel caps, maybe wash them down with a shot of tequila, do a few lines of Meth, drink some cow blood, eat a midget's foot, shoot a donkey in the face, jerk off in a deli, and kill a were-wolf.  Works every time! (26%)

b.) I hate head-aches almost as much as I hate the Swedes!!!  Fuck 'em all to Hell!!! (24%)

c.) Sometimes when my head hurts I just want to split it open with an ax and take a look inside.  I also get the urge to do look inside other people's heads.  I suppose this is why I am currently a resident at St. Felicia's Mental Health & Nutjobs Facility.  I like Monday's.  We get peanut butter and jelly for lunch. (26%)

d.) Headaches suck...but they're not as bad as having a dick-cold...TRUST ME, Dave!!! (24%)