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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- July 24)

  I went to The Dark Knight Rises yesterday!  It rocked!!  Sadly, I guess that is the end for this Batman franchise.  What do you think will happen when Hollywood re-boots Batman?

a.) They should make Batman a black guy the next time around.  For equality and shit.  Maybe cast Sam Jackson as Batman and he quotes the Bible just before he shoots the Joker or some shit.  I don't know.  I'm pretty drunk. (24%)

b.) They should have Batman fight a totally new villain...maybe a guy called Dr. Blinky...a psychopath ex-physician who blinks while he jerks off onto homeless people. (27%)

c.) I hate Batman.  I'm much more into Archie comics.  They should make a Jughead movie where he goes around and beats up children.  That would be awesome. (26%)

d.) Hopefully Hollywood will re-hire Joel Schumacher to direct the next franchise (his Batman movies were my favorite).  And this time, in addition to putting nipples on Batman's suit, maybe Shumacher could put a huge hard dick on the front!!!  And Batman could hit bad guys with his Bat Cock!!  Yeeeeeee!!! (23%)