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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- July 20)

  I'm going to a Modest Mouse concert tonight.  It's a birthday gift to my wife...I'm not very familiar with their music except for the "Float On" song.  Will I enjoy the show?

a.) You will if you do what I always do before a rock show, Dave Man, which is drink some liqueur and stick some sparklers up my ass!!!  Yeeeehhhaaaawww! (26%)

b.) You'll enjoy Modest Mouse, Dave, only if they play "Mr. Brownstone" or "Evenflow", you fucking hard-rock asshole!!!  Screw off, pin-head!! (24%)

c.) I don't like Modest Mouse very much, David.  I prefer the Cum Brothers and their new double-album, Flirting With Jizz. (26%)

d.) Smoke that herb, Davey Mac!!  Hit the bud!!  Punch yourself!!  In the cock!!  Rock 'N' Roll!!  Suck 'N' Fuck!!     ...I don't know whether you'll like the concert or not, Dave.  I'm deaf and I wet the bed. (24%)