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Davey Mac & pals- chuckin' the shit LIVE this evening on Ustream and!!!

  When:  7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific

Where: and/or Ustream

Who:  Dave, Pepper, Roy Shaffer, Sean O, Gollup the Sex Troll, small animals, one of the Trump kids (hopefully Ivanka) who will most likely be in attendance due to the cross-bow being pointed at them, psychedelic hallucinations of talking ice cream cones, Dr. Poop

What:  The Davey Mac Sports Program, the "greatest non-dog voice that I've ever heard."  - David Berkowitz

What else:  Make sure you're subscribing to the show on and/or iTunes and that your vagina/testicle area is fresh in case we want to have a tickle party.

Lastly:  We'll see you THIS EVENING on at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific!!!

Eery prediction:  Someone you love just farted!!