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Davey Mac. Peppy Ham. LIVE. With smiles. And love. Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Saturday. 7 PM Eastern. 4 Pacific. Join us. Handies.

  Fuck, yes!!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program XL is ready to conquer Sirius XM Satellite Radio on Saturday evening at 7 Eastern, 4 Pacific!!  We're gonna take radio prisoners, lots and LOTS of 'em, and fuck an' suck them to Hell!!!  Beware, Morning Mashup!!  Watch out, Cousin Brucie!!!  Here we come, Martha Stewart!!!  The Dave Man and Pep Stan are gonna eat your asses and shit them out of their asses!!!!  Tune to The Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105)!!!  Topics include but are not limited to:

* Jerry Sandusky- instead of jail time, let's just chop his dick off and put it in his mouth...LIVE on the Kelly Ripa show!

* Kissing- it's sort of weird when you think about it.  Especially when done with a squirrel.

* Dr. Nancy Feathers talks about her new self-help manual- "I Put Candlesticks Into My Vagina"

* Former minor league baseball all-star Gus Furgus reads an except from his new poetry book- "Why Does My Cock Smell Like Doritos and other ramblings from a guy who hit .291 for Durham"

* Dynamite- why you shouldn't light some when walking around in an aquarium

* And game show host Mark Chunky discusses his newest show- "50 Midgets Trapped In A Burning Building"

See you guys on Saturday at 7 PM Eastern, 4 Pacific, on Sirius 206, XM 105!!  Call in at 866-WOW-1-WOW!!!  Peace!!!