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Davey Mac & homies' first RiotCast show- now available on RiotCast and iTunes!!!

  Fuckin' A, peeps!!!  Our first ever show on is now available and ready to go!!!  Listen to it through and/or iTunes!!!  If you're already a subscriber, nothing changes!!!  If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so!!!!   Have fun!!  Go to to check out our page!!!  Enjoy!!!  Suck it!!!  Fuck it!!!  Play with it!!!  Touch the doggie!!!  Feel the froggie!!!  Make a poop necklace!!!  And give it to your neighbor!!!  Get in a car chase with the police!!!  Faster!!!  FASTER!!!!  They're fuckin' gaining, man!!!!  Better get off the express way!!!!  What the fuck are you doing?!?!?!  I said STAY on the express way!!!  You just got us fucked!!!!  SHIT!!!!!  I'm bailin'!!!!  See you in Hell!!!!!