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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- July 10)

  I think I may have hit a rabbit with my car on my way in to work.

a.) Serves that little furry fucker right for all the times he fucked with Daffy. (23%)

b.) You're going to Hell, David.  Not so much for running over the bunny, but because you immediately masturbated afterwards while thinking about it. (25%)

c.) It's the Circle of Life, Dave.  Just like the time my great-uncle passed away in his sleep and we let our dogs eat him.  That was one fucked up day. (25%)

e.) I hate all bunnies because my, quote, "LUCKY rabbit's foot," unquote, still hasn't paid off.  Yesterday, while washing my motorcycle, some kid shot me in the ass with a water gun.  So I kicked him in the knee and spiked a football on his head.  And they thew ME in jail!!!  Pretty God-Damn UN-lucky if you ask me!!  Fuck you, rabbits!!!! (27%)