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Davey Mac and Family- rocking Disney World HARD!! Face, Mickey!!!


Yeah!!  You know it!!  We are stomping Disney World to the ground!!  Booyah!!  We have fucked up Zurg in the Buzz Lightyear ride!!

We have watched a bunch of animatronic hillbilly bears play in a jugband!!

We have fought medieval knights and sliced them in half like the primitive pussies they are!!

We have narrowly escaped with our lives when the Epcot Ball became unhinged and starting chasing us!!!  We should sue!!!

And we have taken our shorts off in several locations!!!

The Sports Report returns on Thursday, the 28th!!  And both Davey Sports Programs, on iTunes and LIVE on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, WILL be back on Wednesday and Saturday respectively!!!  Walt Disney, let's fucking ROCK!!!!

See you later, Dave Pound!!!

-Dave (6/23/12)