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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- June 18)

  I am going to Disney World, for the first time, TOMORROW!!  How excited should I be?!

a.) I should be so excited that I jerk off thrice on the plane, wearing my Mickey Mouse ears, while sitting in my last row seat in coach!!!  Yeeeehhaaawww!! (25%)

b.) I should be more excited than I was when I received my second Rapey Award (for Red-Headed Male Who Would Most Likely Be Raped By A Gang While Serving Time In Prison). (26%)

c.) I should be as excited as I was when I met*** Carly Simon!

*** actually I broke into her house (24%)

    d.) I should be incredibly excited to go to the place that Phil Simms went to after he won Super Bowl XXI!!***

*** I once broke into Phil Simms' house, too (25%)

See you homies next Thursday (the 28th) when I return to (though I'm sure I will post some stuff here or there while in Disney, so make sure you're checking the site)!!!!  Peace!!