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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- June15)

  It's FRIDAY!  AND it's paycheck day!!  What does this mean???

a.) It means we're gonna get more fucked up than a Meth'd up Pagan in ancient Greece with a drunken hard-on!!!! (27%)

b.) It means nothing.  On Fridays I stay in and have a nice, quiet night of catching flies and ripping their wings off with tweezers. (24%)

c.) I'm not sure what it means!!!  I haven't been thinking right ever since I told my dad to drop a safe on my head for Father's Day!!! (23%)

d.) It means I'm gonna go out to a pet shop and buy the first cute little bunny I see...and then feed him to my pet snake...who I will then feed to my pet hippo...who I will feed to my pet triceratops...who I will feed to my pet Rancor monster!!!  I LOVE Fridays!!! (26%)