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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- June 11)

  How was your weekend?

a.) Oh, it was real great, David!  My favorite uncle was mauled by a bear, you God-Damned jerk, fuck you!!! (23%)

b.) I can't remember much of what happened.  I think I may have injured my brain while playing the fun game "Who Can Hit Themselves In The Head With A Hammer The Hardest?" (27%)

c.) I had an AWESOME couple of days!  ...except for the part where both me and my dog wet the bed...oh, and the time my dog and I shit on the living room carpet was sort of a letdown, too...also, when me and my dog puked on each other...that wasn't really fun, either... (24%)

d.) My weekend was actually kind of boring.  Rather than go to the beach, I had to kill two Soviet spies and shoot their bodies into space.  Oh well... (26%)