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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- May 31)

  Today is the last day of May.  Wow...time really flies, doesn't it?

a.) Shit yes!  It seems like just yesterday I was killing small I've made my way up to large mammals!!  Yeeeeeeehhhaaawww!!! (23%)

b.) Not to disagree, but time actually goes real slow for me...that's 'cause every morning I goes hiiiiiighin' baby...yeahhhh...where's my copy of Wish You Were Here...oh yeahhh, know, this album was about Syd Barrett...fuck yeah, babay...he thought he was a cup of orange juice or some shit like that...shitties...Tropicana, dawg...Minute Maid, homie...yeahhhhh...let's tickle each other, baby... (27%)

c.) Time is nothing more than allusion created by THEM to keep US in line.  Shit.  I think I've attained a contact high from poll option "B". (24%)

d.) I refuse to answer this question on account of my hatred for calendars.  I HATES 'EM!!!  YES, I  FUCKING DO!!!! (26%)