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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- May 29)

  How was your Memorial Day weekend?

a.) Great!  I went to my parents' swimming pool and only pissed four times in it!  Oh...and I also farted a couple of times in the pool, too...   ...Oh yeah...I also made some poop in the pool once...ok, fine, twice...alright, alright, THRICE...but I really had to go!!!! (24%)

b.) I had a very pleasant weekend.  To honor those who served in our country's military, I dressed neighborhood squirrels like V.C. and napalmed THE SHIT out of them!!!!  BOOM!!! (26%)

c.) My weekend wasn't very fun.  It rained where I live so rather than go to the beach I had to say home and stab my dick with number two pencils. (24%)

d.) We had a wonderful few days!  I took some LSD and my friend brought over some squirrel meat that we barbecue'd!!  It tasted a little napalm-y, but so fucking be it!!!! (26%)