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This week's Internet version of the Davey Mac Show is now up! Check it!!

  Fuck, yeah!!  This week's Davey Mac Sports Program is up on iTunes!!  Subscribe to the show and enjoy!!  We talk all kinds of shit!!  Davey Mac locks his keys in his car like a big, dumb idiot.  Pepper's stomach hurts from eating too much ice cream.  Roy Shaffer has tax problems.  And Sean O is drunk!  The farts fly HIGH on the show that is so spectacular is stunted the growth of Gary Coleman!!  The jizz floats low on the show so extraordinary it fucked up four-time Listening Champion Of The Year-winner Marlee Matlin's hearing for good!!  Listen to the show so great it made Nick Nolte exclaim: "Why are my God-Damn feet on fire?!?!?!"  Subscribe, rate & review, and, as always, thank you!!!!  Go to Davey Mac Sports Program on iTunes to hear it NOW!!