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Legendary Texas Singer/Songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard ROCKED it hard with Davey Mac & Peeps on the Internet show! Listen NOW!!

  Fuck yeah!!  We had an incredible time on our weekly Internet version of the Davey Mac Sports Program!!  The amazing Ray Wylie Hubbard, one of the true Outlaws of Americana music, and his son Lucas joined us for the entire show, and rocked our fucking socks off!!  Our socks were rocked off our feet so hard, in fact, that the socks took pieces of our skin with them, and pretty soon we were just sitting there with our feet bleeding all over the place.  We tried bandaging the feet, but when we ripped off said bandages, more skin came off of our feet; and we were just left there, now with only skeleton feet while the rest of our bodies had ample amounts of flesh.  THAT'S how hard Ray rocked.  Subscribe to iTunes for free and listen to the flesh-eating wonder NOW!!  Here's the link- Davey Mac on iTunes!