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Davey Mac & Co. shall ROCK it hard and cock it SOFT tonight with musical guest Ray Wylie Hubbard!

  Yeah, baby!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program is LIVE yet again on Ustream, tonight at 7 (EST)!!!  Join Dave, Pepper, Roy Shaffer, Sean O, and special musical guest Ray Wylie Hubbard for an extravaganza of music, Game Of Thrones talk, and touching each other gently under the table!!  Also, Dave discusses what cast member(s) from "Welcome Back Kotter" grabbed Dave's dick when he tried to give him/them a massage; Pepper robs a Queens bodega; Roy Shaffer re-enacts Panic In Needle Park in the studio; Sean O shows off his new yoga abilities by kicking himself in the crotch repeatedly; and Ray Wylie Hubbard plays the shit out of some shit!!  See you TONIGHT at 7 (EST) on Ustream!!!  Booooya!!!