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The Dave Ustream Channel is now a reality!

Yessir! We went LIVE yesterday for the weekly Davey Mac Sports Program and we had over 700 viewers on what was supposed to be just a "test" show! Everything went really well and we had a great time! All future DMSP's will be Ustreamed and expect impromptu Happy Times shows on various Fridays and whatnot! Check this site and my Twitter, or Facebook, or Google + for updates on when the shows will go LIVE. You can see the test show on this site from the Ustream section on the main page (yesterday's show was already archived).  Or simply type in this link:

The future is NOW, Dave Pound!! I don't know what that means but I thought it sounded cool! But, again, I'm on LSD this morning and plan to smoke Chinese hash in the afternoon followed by some Ether and chicken soup! We do's it nice!!