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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- May 14)

  What did you do for Mother's Day?

a.) I bought my mom a flower pot...and then blew it up with dynamite.  (She likes watching things explode.)   Ka-fucking-BOOM, Mom!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!! (25%)

b.) I don't have a mother.  She left us when we were young children to become a Whore-Acrobat in Uncle Steamy's Suck 'N' Fuck Circus.  Oh, mother! (25%)

c.) We just sat home and watched a movie- "Big Butts, Triangle Tits, and Cases of Cum, Part IV" (26%)

d.) I wrote a nice card to my mom telling her how much I adore her and asking her if I could borrow twenty bucks for my "dog's operation" which she damn-well knows is a lie and instead the cash will be going straight to my meth habbit!!  Thanks, Mommy!!! (24%)