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Sirius XM may be shutting its doors this weekend but Dave & Pepper WILL still be giving you a brand new show!! Saturday, 7 PM (EST), on Sirius 206, XM 105!!

  Yeah.  That's right.  That headline tells it all, bitches.  Sirius XM is shutting down live programming this weekend because they are "upgrading" their system...whatever the fuck that means.  The only thing I've upgraded in two years is my C-3-Porn-O, my specially-constructed android whose sole purpose is to give me handies and moan like the metal-whore she is when I press the ON button.

Anyway, Sirius XM told the shows to have Best-Of's prepared.  Fuck that, we said.  Fuck it in the ass.  And if it doesn't want to be fucked in the ass, I know a robot who will gladly step up and accept being fucked in the ass for a very small price.

Double-anyway, Davey Mac and Peppy Hamburger have recorded a very special new Davey Mac Sports Program XL, chock-full of terrible confessions, vague racism, insensitivity towards suicide, and many other despicable topics which will be sure to brighten up your day!  Plus, being that it's Cinco De Mayo, we're drunk as shit!!!!

The topics shall include:

* Astrologist Kenneth Borkin discusses his new book: "Those Stars Look Like My Dad's Dick!"

* Fart cookies- why no one wants to eat them

* Dirty D-List celebrity impersonator Shannon Flank comes in to do her "Markie Post shitting in a bucket" impression

* Licking animal asses- we'll give the 5 Do's & Don't's according to Discovery host Bestiality Boy

* America's favorite vaudevillian, Artie Crussle, chats about his memoir:  "Who Filled My Shampoo Bottles With Jizz?"

* And Dave & Pepper play a game of Spin The Ass!

See you Saturday at 7 PM (EST) on The Opie & Anthony Channel- Sirius 206, XM 105!  Peace!!