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NO Davey Mac & Pals on Ustream and iTunes this week!!

  Hi, friends!!  Due to illness and jizzness, there will be no Davey Mac Sports Program featuring Dave McDonald, Pepper Hamburger, Roy Shaffer, and Sean O, this week on Ustream and iTunes!!  Our extraordinary engineer who makes the show run, Sean O, is sick with some new kind of disease that was spawned by the American government in order to combat animals that may be terrorists.  The virus has apparently infected Sean O, giving him chronic beer shits and a throat and dick more sore than Harvey Fierstein's.  So, we ask you all to pray and light a candle for Sean O.  Just make sure you blow the candle out when you're done...because it's a fire hazard.  Anyway, Dave and Pepper WILL be doing fresh material for Davey Mac XL on Sirius XM this Saturday at 7 PM (EST), on The Opie & Anthony Channel, so we'll see you then!!  And we WILL be back on Ustream and iTunes next Wednesday!!  See you on Saturday on Sirius XM!  ...Uh-oh...I think I feel my dick getting sore...NO!!!  I've been infected!!!!  Ahhhh!!!!!