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We are gonna rip the ass tonight! LIVE on Ustream at 7 (EST)!

  Yes!!!  You know it!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program (internet version) is LIVE tonight at 7 (EST)!!!  Just go to The East Side Dave Happy Times Channel on Ustream to see it!!!  Or head to the Ustream section of this site!!  And check out the new Ustream section on my Facebook!!!  Yowza's!!!  Watch the Dave Man accuse Roy Shaffer of stealing his shoes; watch Roy Shaffer accuse Pepper of stealing his drugs; and watch all of us accuse Sean O of stealing our souls!!!  There's gonna be Razzle!!  There'll be Dazzle!!  They'll be Sizzle!!  And there sure as shit will be Jizzle!!!  It's gonna be more fun than a "Touching Old People" Party!!!  Come join us LIVE tonight on Ustream at 7 (EST) and make sure you subscribe to the show on iTunes!!  Peace!!!