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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day)

  Today is 4-20, dawg!!  Do you plan to smoke up or celebrate in any way?

a.) Shit yes!  I'm gonna go hiiiighin', dude!  I'm gonna get so baked and then put my pet goldfish in the microwave, baby!  Yeeeeeeeaaayyy!!!

b.) I don't smoke marijuana.  I never put drugs into my system.  I shall, however, drink a liter of paint thinner and then rob my neighbor...4-20, 'yall!!!

  c.) I'm gonna smoke a little bit of pot and then pray to my savior, C-3PO.

d.) I only celebrate one way, daddy...sucking down some Nitrous at the zoo before jumping in the lion cage!!  Yeeehhaaaww!!!