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YOUR help needed for Public Radio and the Dave Man!!

  Hello there, homies!!  The Dave Man is requesting your generosity for a Public Radio Membership Drive!!  We are kicking off the drive this week with an ambitious goal (but one which I believe is attainable).  My show, "Mornings On The Night With Michele & Dave", is asking for 100 people to donate at $100!!  It's one hundred for one hundred!!!  Your donation is tax deductible and would be keeping our small but great station alive!!!  PLUS, for your donation of one hundo smackers, you'll be getting a T-shirt, a travel coffee mug, and a backpack with mine and Michele's dumb cartoon faces on them!!!  Come on!!  Everyone needs a picture of me in a bow-tie on their backpack!!!  So visit the 90.5 the Night website and thank you!!!