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Sirius XM Satellite Radio SHAN'T ever be the same after Saturday!!!

  Why?  Because David Dodd McDonald and Chris Pepper Stanley are gonna murder the shit out of Sirius XM with the Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!!  Tune in Saturday at 7 PM (EST) to the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) for the "Best live radio show mixing sports and pop culture since the Ty Cobb Comedy & Lynching Hour!!" - Charles Kuralt

Topics for the show include:

* Beef- you can try to jerk it off but you will not get any jizzies

* Dr. Edwin Shmipps shows off his new animal-human hybrid: the Ass-Bird

* Patrick Ewing discusses his autobiography- "I Sweat More Than A Man On The Electric Chair"

* We get to the bottom of the Whose Shit-Stained Socks Are These mystery

* Dave uses a portion of the show as an infomercial to sell his famous Dick Helmets

* Gary Oswald talks about his new documentary- "I Like Stalking Meredith Vieira And Smelling Her Underwear"

* Dave's Book Club features the new, best-selling novel- "Your Fingers Are Sticky But I'll Lick Them Anyway"

 See ya Saturday for the Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!!  Bam!!!