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The Greatness of Dave McDonald and his dominance of Hollywood commences today!

  That's right.  You heard that fucking right.  Today I am going on an audition to be an extra in some James Franco-Jonah Hill movie.  I am pretty sure that after the director sees me perform, the film will be re-structured as a Dave McDonald movie with James Franco and Jonah Hill as MY God-Damn extras.  And when I am on set, about to crush some scene with raw emotion and talent, I will talk to my extras, James and Jonah, and give them a few tips about the Pictures Business.

"I know no one has heard of you yet, boys," I will tell them.  "But you just keep your chin up and your dick down and some day, by golly, maybe you'll make it in this wondrous industry called Film-Making.  Where people like myself make dreams come true."

"Thank you, Mr. David!" Franco will exclaim.

"You so good to us, Mr. David!" Hill will gush.

"It's the least I can do, boys," I will explain.  "For I, too, was once a shit-heel extra such as yourselves.  Now if you don't mind, I have to cut off this trite little conversation with you two maggots and fly to Paris in my gold jet.  I am scheduled to make a speech at the Louvre about how awesome of an artist I am.  And following that, the French are allowing me to cut down the Eiffel Tower with my very own lightsaber that George Lucas personally constructed for me.  See ya later, cock-suckers."

"Bye, Mr. David!" Franco and Hill will sing.  Their lives...forever touched by the Greatness of Dave McDonald.