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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- April 5)

  I think I may go fishing this morning.  Is this a good idea?

a.) You'll probably end up drowning, David, you nitwit. (9%)

b.) You should say a Hail Mary every time you put your hook in the water like Fredo from "Godfather II".  Afterall, things really turned out fucking splendid for HIM!!!!! (20%)

c.) Make sure you pack a cooler of beer, a couple sandwiches, some pot, a few tabs of acid, a bag full of coke, morphine, a shotgun, rope, a midget, a baby deer, and a tiny box containing urine.  It's the only way to fish, Davey!!!! (38%)

d.) I don't like fishing because I get embarrassed when the fish watch me masturbate in the boat. (33%)