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A shitload is going on in East Side Dave Country, so let's get started! OK, we now have a whole archive section for the mega-popular Davey Mac Sports Reports. Go to the main page and it is one of the sub-categories on the News & Sports section! Hold on!!! Don't go there yet, I'm not finished!!!!  Next, you can still get your daily Sports Report from the Davey Mac Sports Page, which is located on the main page! Check it out! New sports reports and video snippets and, of course, links to the best sports show on the internet!  Wait, wait, wait!!! Don't check it out quite yet!! Geez what's the rush?!?! I mean, RELAX already!!! Also, don't forget Special Delivery Starring Sam & Dave LIVE tomorrow night on Sirius 206, XM 105 at 8 PM EST (5 in the West)! Stop!! Don't get into your time machine and go one day into the future so you can listen to the show just yet!!! My gosh!! You are so impulsive!! Yes, you are!!! DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!! Lastly, coming soon: The East Side Dave Happy Times Ustream Channel which we will have on this here site!! OK, NOW you can go!! Well, go already!!! Geeeeeeezzz!!!!!